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Jonathon Alexander Di Cecco 

Underwater Photographer. Filmmaker. Technical Diver. 

Jonathon Di Cecco is a passionate underwater photographer & videographer, he is also an active technical diver and instructor since 2009. Originally from Victoria, Australia, his diving and filming has taken him all throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, the United States, and Australia both in caves and the ocean. At the present time, you will find Jonathon exploring the caves of Mexico on his Defender CCR, giving him access to unique places found beneath the Mexican jungle.

Jonathon’s first love was the ocean; diving has both changed and shaped his life.

As such, the only thing he enjoys better than diving for his own pleasure is to pass on his knowledge and provide a positive, life changing experience to both new and experienced divers. In addition to teaching, he and his camera attempt to capture and share the sheer wonder of the underwater environment, whether it be sun soaked coral reefs, eerie sunken wrecks or spectacularly decorated caves from around the world through both video and still photography. Through the use of his technical diving background, Jonathon is able to film places recreational divers cannot reach; where few divers dare go.


  • TDI Instructor Ratings-

    • Hammerhead CCR, Subgravity Defender CCR, Adv Nitrox, Cavern 

  • CCR & OC Mixed Gas diver 

  • CCR & OC Full cave diver 

  • CDAA Adv Cave diver 

  • Sump Rescue and Recovery 

  • GUE Fundamentals 

  • Hammerhead CCR service technician

  • Service technician for Apeks, Mares, Scubapro, Oceanic,  

  • SSI Dive Guide Platinum Instructor  

  • PADI OW Instructor 

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